I think that ‘the way’, is indescribable or hard to pin, because it is essentially like trying to understand chaos. You can’t.

Chaos –

As humans, we try to make sense of the chaos, and it is then labeled ‘the way.’

Chaos is God.

God created chaos, through methods chaotic.

Our brains, try to make sense of it.

& we can only scratch the surface.

They say that each life is planned before we live it.

How can that be so?

And does that mean that I have free will, or no?

They say that life is a game, is that true?

Is life a literal simulation?

Could be.

Philosophical input says so, and science says so too.

Quantum physics paired with philosophy, is understanding souls, God and matter.

What is the soul?

What is the mind?

Are, we our brains?