Viewing art with you, reminded me that love is possible.

Love is still simple, and not really complicated.

Intimacy is building, and stones are polished…

It’s powerful, how much can be made, in a matter of hours –

In accelerating speeds, one part of the foundation is made.

I forbade anything not like this, this is the only kind of love that I cherish.

My past faded, and my memories parish.

I rather spend this existence, solely, for my pursuits, and within your presence.

I’d gaze into your eyes for minutes at a time.

This moment feels fast, this moment feels fleeting.

The part that makes me gasp, is the existential moment that we share, it is a space where our heart’s are meeting.

I allow my pride to die, each time we are together.

It grows, like roses, and turns into passion everlasting, as I pursue the thing I told you.

And I don’t feel despair, no, I feel okay.

That in this day, if it ended all of a sudden, at least I have someone,

I just want to grasp your soul, and feel the blue spectrum.

Because I would not be surprised, that our meeting point was destined.

And I would not be surprised that my past was simply a lesson.

Because when I look into your eyes, I feel as if you are a blessing.