The things I wish to tell you, the things I need to say.

How is it possible to express them, in only just a day.

I will give my best effort, eventually the springs will flow smoothly.

But right now, they spring fast, and is overwhelmingly sad, Joy, and lovely…

I am truly convinced that this, love is from above.

This sense of insight and completion reached, but always breaking apart…

Because that is the nature of life, handling stress.

But the love that you give me, prepares me and sharpens me for any given test.

I believe in a God, but still we are compatible.

Because of your nature, it is simply what I’ve sought for.

All in wrong places, but here you are.

In this moment I want to cry, but instead I write them all out.

So when I step out, I am able to function more vibrantly.

I am piously, and courageously, moving towards an ideal.

The things I feel, are only felt in these bones and my spirit.

Now, only you have the key, and you mean so much to me.