Minds meet with communication, and love is developed differently and explored more intimately, with each message of sincerity and words spoken honestly.

At times I restrain speaking candidly, and speak in subtlety:

To protect my passion, stretch my imagination, and to reach for what is everlasting.

Human brains are so very complex.

Each part of the brain has its own puzzles, it’s own mysteries, it has its own wonders.

Two minds connecting, in such a beautiful way.

It’s never ever been done before.

What does the future hold?

What is perception?

What are feelings?

What is belief?

Breaking down, and deconstruction is important.

Learning and filling the vase is essential, but so is emptying and replenishing.

My soul feels denser.

I feel clear, but I am always moving forward.

I desire more clarity. I desire more understanding. I desire more strength.

The path of perfection, the path of ‘the way’.

I desire more healing, I desire more love.

I desire more wisdom. I desire it like it is a drug.

It is not a craving. It is my inherent nature. It is innate.

It is authentic and it is not fake.

It is pure. My heart, my amygdala, became inflamed, amongst automatons lacking autonomy.

It drove me sad, it drove me mad.

We are only living a small fraction of what we as human beings are capable of, and it made me clash –

With what I believed in, and what I even knew.

I broke down, with no one to help me be found.

Alone, in a town, with just my mind to be drowned.

But I was fortified, I had philosophy.

It never left me. The value of it…

It is an embellishment and good thing.