Spring fever is happening; the climate affects me, and humanity at large… Love notes are ever so potent, and my vigor is growing good and powerful. My vocabulary is expanding, and my mind is flowing harder. Crashes, and blankness. Building and breaking.

Cyclical as nature, the seasons affected me.

Nature is subtle, you must grow to be keen. It is a skill, but more so it is innate. What makes us different from the lions, bears, rabbits and snakes?

They are aware, they are simplistic in their care.

Why aren’t we so much?

We should be masters by now, with all of this technology and such.

But we have not mastered our health, we are consumed with false wealth.

But spring fever will carry us. Hopefully, we learned during yin.

This winter, and fall was difficult; I struggled, as in a battle that was impossible to win.

I was stumped in deep darkness, unable to get up.

But since moving to Bloomsburg, I am no longer down-on-my-luck.

I have found fresh vigor, and might!

I can conquer all plights!

I am stronger by the night, resting in dreams…

I am loving my life, and my conscious is clean.

I am hopeful and optimistic, things seem to be good.

And it only gets better, my heart is stronger, my lover…