Religion is fading, like dye and colors.

Yet, beliefs are still forming, God is still existent;

Meaning is ever more present, and love only grows, it never lessens.

In fact, it is accelerating and twisting, and branching in new places and ways.

I think of it in a neurological way.

Brain stems, mirror neurons, neuroplasticity, and a forest that grows with passion.

That fire doesn’t burn the connections, but brightens the wisdom and lessons, secrets and blessings…

When love is in this way, it is almost impossible for it to fade.

Man and woman, creation…

We fail to look at it in a aesthetic sense at times, empathy does not corrupt.

It colors.

I wonder.

I shutter.

I cried.

I broke.

I lost.

I was loss.





My brain is healing the more that I am loved, and I will provide the answers, this is not grandiose.

I need belief, and I will lead.