They say that all of the answers that you will ever need is within your own heart and mind.

And that it takes solitude and soul searching, time spent doing nothing, is never a crime.

They say that a genius does its most work, when he is doing nothing.

Thinking and wondering, my precious talents and gifts.

I sit here, with an ambitious spirit, nudging me to go out in the town.

But my heart and lotus eye, is telling me to sit on the ground:

I write poetry.

I drink coffee.

I embrace simplicity;

To think way differently…

My ego swears to me, and says that there is work to be done.

My spirit agrees, and says, I need to be cleansed,

As well as you ego,

I have things that need emptying, I have things that needs to feel.

I understand your will, but there are archetypes that need to be healed.