Take my hand;

Allow me to open you to a higher place…

Our lives are different,

making our way of loving different as well.

Recently, I was released from a spell.

I make my way up to the divinity;

I am climbing back with sincerity.

I am clawing, once again, for eternal clarity.

Heaven and this physical realm,

is in great disparity.

And my love is a phenomenal rarity.

I say so, with minimal humility, and more intensity than averagely.

I have no enemies,

I only have an ideal to reach for.

Take my hand;

you can assist me.

Give me the energy, to build what is kingly.

A kingdom, and hopeful future.

Where I am ruler, where I am master.

Never controlling, never a tyrant.

Reflect my love, I wish for you to be happy.

I wish for you to nurture, I desire what is perfectly possible.

I ask that you appropriately massage my worries, and be the queen that cares for his king.

You are divine to me, in far too many ways.

For far too many days, I’ve waited for a Love like this,

An intelligent being, a lovely reason, to endow you with treasure, ideas worth more than pleasure.

Keys to existence, a meaning which is indeed prolific.

Take my hand, and as we journey forward…

I promise to you –

that all things that I say to you, will inevitably become true.