Amir means prince

Dear Brother,

I write this in sincere worry for solely, your health.

You have no regard for the future anymore.

This is deeper than our regard for who is older or younger.

My brother, where are you, who are you?

You must dig deeper, and fight to overcome the thing that clouds your vision.

My brother, I have faith in you.

But you must have faith in yourself in return.

I am younger, but significantly wiser than you, to take heed and consider my heart, would be wise of you.

Time is crushing all, but you must overcome and be a strong human being.

Not a defiant human being.

Not a criminalistic human being.

But a man of integrity, a man who has a daughter, and still, a future, if you want to aspire for a healthier, more quality human existence.

I am sorry to you.

I claim to have knowledge, but still felt so distant from you that I lacked strength to even persuade you…

But here is one thing that you must know, a quote from another wise man…

I lacked my strength too, we both had different and yet, one in the same pain…

I am overcoming my inferiority and misery as well, that is why I believe in you too.

Here is the quote my distant brother – pay attention:

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.”