I am all too human, and I found a remedy, I found a solution.

Simplistic in nature, the thing of it, but it is the cure of this –

Inability, loss of agility, an innate propensity, of feeling you and losing my sanity.

I am on edge too, just in a very different way.

I think I will break down, if I try to explain.

The lack of clarity, I search for how one can understand it…

Replaying the same song, writing it longer and longer, extending it and making it known –

That your love is like a home, and my heart is for our kingdom.

The star is very reachable, we must keep striving to believe it…

I have a remedy;

I have a remedy.

It may sound crazy, but patience is required.

Our nation lacks myth, but I know how we can persist.

We create our own, the Star is that.

Stretching our imagination, and growing to individual heights.

We can face any plight, with the future in mind.