What is mindfulness?

That is like asking, what is using full brain power?

How do you concentrate, use focus, uphold rationality, empathize, and be a mindful human being?

I would term such a being, a Superman.

I am no longer fearful of death, I think that I do not fear anything.

Superman is not fearful.

He is simply prideful, in his experiences and strength within.

If he were to die now, he would be content in a life well lived.

But wait, as the present is still a moment – he struggles.

Because death, is not a thing.

He does not want to rationalize.

Why would he settle and be a mere kind of sheep, a mere relic, oppose to becoming again, and this time doing it with strategic discipline and thinking, fortified with love and beliefs…

How can he ever fail?

Death is his only fear, death in the process and sense of never allowing society to see what a true man is. I am, him.