Death II

Death to me, is what I felt.

My brain was detached, and stripped from its abilities, under your rule.

You became a tyrant, a tyrannical fool.

Thus making me one too.

I could not think, clearly or straightened.

All that I had was my heart, the soul, is all I had from the start.




When I came close to stooping down to your level of hatred, and thought about how I wish you were not my parent.

I simply felt dead, I simply felt abandoned.

You crushed my mind, you crushed it literally and physically.

I am stained with memories of psychological and physical abuse.

I thought that we were in a truce, but truly, you were a tyrant.

Some man of the house, I understand your heart, but your character is one of disgrace, I could and should have spit in your face.

If I understood all of this then.

That men, are not supposed to act as you did.

My mother is wise, my mother, slightly foolish…

To ever stay for so long, and I love you pops, but what you did was wrong.

It was heavy on children to bear.

There is no negating such negativity and harshness.

It simply was…

And because of what you did has inflicted me and I came out stronger than anything I know.

I will write these poems, as I grow, perhaps these are things you should know, to ultimately help you grow.

So thank you.

Thank you, pops.

Thank you, pops.

I love you, and truly forgive you.

I am grateful, for pain unwritten, and pain untold.

I grow bold, as I write my feelings bold, and in letters and paragraphs and expression.

All internal, making sense of my lessons.

Counting my blessings.

Ending poetry in a positive light.

Because I must continue to fight, it does not get easier.

My heart is heavy, and my heart gets speedier.

As I understand deeper truths and dark realities.

I am simply glad, that I did not become an official casualty, that would be a horrifying tragedy.

Amir means prince.

Amir means prince.

Amir means prince.

I have faith.

I have faith.

I did not die, and neither will you.

I am reborn, and you will be reborn too.

I love you bro.