For once.

For once, I feel happy alone.

I am never truly alone. I woke up this morning, with passion and pain.

It was like dancing in rain, a unique dance.

I am dancing in pain, the rain acting as tears to my pain.

My amygdala inflamed, I went to sleep with pain in my brain.

I woke up to choirs from a higher plane, perhaps angels protecting my brain from keeping me from going insane.

I woke up with love on my mind, I feel like I love all of the time.

So much, that I fail to see all of the signs.

These signs surrounding my mind, outside of my mind, blessings that I should perceive more acutely.

I won’t be as romantic, or frantic in letting you go.

I will love you, love myself, and to truly allow God to let us happily grow.