The essence of things have been forgotten by the mass.

The nature of things, the beauty of all, the simplicity, has been forgotten to an extreme.

Humans-beings, still evolve, and this may be even dire…

Technology evolved as well, and we as humans are growing tired.

If we were ever to be erased, and eternally separated, look for me, this is a futuristic idea.


But for now, as I repair my heart and grow sharper and keener.

Flowing in spirit, and becoming more God-like in demeanor.

Embodiment and empathy, are things that I value high like an extreme love.

Your energy is valuable, our friendship is valued too.

I see this as an adventure, no longer a tragedy.

I simply felt like I was reverting, dying, my ‘boy’ was crying:

My core, who I am.

However, I am growing in appreciation, for you as a human being, a love, a friend.