I walk in tranquility, amongst hostility.

I cry inside, but outside is pride.

I fall and then stumble –

I talk loud, proud, and strong.

My spirit at times mumbles, and sometimes my heart cuddles –

Nested in-his arms. ✝️

He provided me insight, I felt cold but now warm.

Tranquil heart…

I have to restart…

I felt so broken down, but I was endowed with a crown.

I will heed to some advice, but still, just give me your love.

I desire that from family, that is all that I want.

That is all that I ask, that is all that I seek.

But in essence what I ask, is comfort, encouragement, and kind words that you speak.

I know that the world is harsh, I am very aware.

But I do not need that scare.

I will rather close my ears.

And that is not rooted in fear, but simply closing my eyes.

But truthfully, humanity is my family.

I understand much clearer.

It’s just the weight of the world’s pain, gets heavier as I bear it.