I am setting out to become pure, and awakening to awareness of embodied perfection.

It is appropriate to appreciate all that I can become, and will be.

It is necessary that I write these thoughts, share them, and go back.

Because I refuse to get lost in traps, lost in black, I cannot be lost in that.

I must see light, poetic freedom, and feel all that I feel.

Writing with skill, honest understanding of myself, and empathy worldwide.

Isn’t that every author’s dream and focus?

Shouldn’t that be every writer’s hope, to touch a soul, as many as possible?

I am working on becoming purity, pure in intentions, thoughts, and desires.

I am wired this way.

I am my own biggest helper, at times my own worst enemy.

But the remedy is writing.

The cure is insightful, and it is enlightening – the more that I write and share these words.

I cannot keep them to myself, and I just want eyes to read.