Letters to Claudia 2/30

I made a mistake by drinking alcohol Saturday night.

I lost a lot of insight, to the foolishness of wanting to have fun and celebrate.

I miss you and need your energy.

I rather drink with you.

I rather think with you.

I rather do everything and explore the universe with only you.

Create a family.





I miss you.

I see how difficult this will be.

But I am nurturing my love still for you.

I am independent and individualistic indeed, honing all creativity and love for you, while I focus on me.

The truth is, you sharpen my imagination, and you give me immense hope for a bright future.

You give me so much.

You give me strength, and it is not so much about all that you do for me, because I want to reciprocate it all tenfold.

I want to give you the world, truly.

But it all starts with what is in my brain.

The ideas, and formulations.

And I wish to hear your voice sensations.

And I wish to see your smile.

And I wish to hear your soul.

And I wish to have you in my arms.

And I wish to hear your opinions.

And I wish to only listen.

And I wish to only be with the love of my life.

I love you, Claudia.