Letters to Claudia 3/30

I am climbing up the mountain.

I am clawing with weak claws.

I am patient and waiting.

I am a wounded lion, since our official days off.

I am sorry, and wanting…

To talk and to love.

I am trying and hunting, for understanding and life.

I am crying and hurting, but you can not see at near sight.

Look into my eyes, and see a darkness so real.

And I miss your entire being, this love is surreal.

I am stumbling and falling, I will get back up stronger and better.

I will be wiser and clever, half husky and half lion.

I have to be a hybrid, because in some ways it is weak by just being a kind of lion.

I love you, and I miss you.

I am weak in this morning, lacking vigor and inspiration.

My will is blackened and I don’t know what is hacking.

Perhaps, it is love that is missing.

Your lips I wish to kiss on.

And the distance, to the communication that isn’t.

I truly miss you, I miss this.

I am weak, without you.

I am saddened without you.

I am grey and I am trying.

I need you.

I need you.

I need you.