“Dead roses…”

It’s important that I resolve issues, so they do not fester.

This allows me to heal, this allows me to become better.

I dislike narcissistic females, you drive a man annoyed.

Attitude is not mature, and it’s something I avoid.

I am seriously so chill, and you are really just too much.

If I am ever deep, it’s because that’s just how I am.

I need a woman who can match, understand me and keep up.

If you are just so shallow, then I think we should give up.

I am sorry that I am this way, it is simply in my DNA.

Please do not judge me.

I would rather you just hug me.

And please do not try to hurt me, because in a way you hurt yourself.

I am a great man, and you are showing to yourself, that you cannot handle a great man.

You need more work.

And so, if it is love that you search,

Don’t settle for the low creature, because eventually he’ll hurt.

You’ll hurt.

And the cycle will continue, until you make true love work.