I’ve developed these gifts to only be rejected by many. Even them, themselves say, beautiful and queenlike as they are, why are you this way? Why do you not conform? Why are you so deep?

Well, my beloved lady, I am not asleep.

I am not like them, yes, we come from the same source.

Yet, my soul is not coarse.

My soul is not forced…

And I simply would love a lady, who would love me without remorse.

I am materialistic, in the literal sense.

Embodiment of pure passion, mistakes, organic material, et Al.

I can receive those riches, that they flaunt easily.

But they do not come with us in our burial.

But you are only 22 –

Relax, what is wrong with you?

And I say in response, do you know for sure what the future holds?

Let me know, and give me your truth!

Otherwise, I am wise in what I do….