I guess today is the day where I feel all of my sadness.

The world is madness.

I couldn’t sleep last night, they were loud as thunderous fireworks.

And my heart was beating slow as molasses.

I couldn’t hear my thoughts to cry myself to sleep.

I couldn’t weep.

I could not feel my emotions…

Yes, outside and in society I am stoic.

At home I am that way too.

But deep inside is a boy hurting, right now, just hurting.

He wants to leave this dark place soon, and explore in fullness.

But right now he is alone.

Right now he is not fighting, just managing and keeping up with the man.

He feels like he is on the verge of suicide.

The man is too strong, too heroic.

Alone for too long.

Lacking love, if ever.

I want to feel warmth.

There is nothing better…