Comforting Discomfort

I felt my mind being released from bondage.

The tightly wrapped trauma, and chains of imprisonments…

There was a sensation around the synapses and capillaries, that gave me float like ability to feel through the discomforting moment before sleeping.

It was comforting because my thoughts seemed to flow more easily, and yet, it felt like large waves crashing every minute.





I feel shame so often.

I feel blame.

At times I feel tamed, as a lion.

At times I feel as if I am being crushed, malformed, and pushed to be something, some animal I am certainly not.

I am only me, take it and allow me to be so.

If not, I will find some place else to grow.

They will love, they will accept me, and I will accept them –

In full honesty and humility…

My brain felt wired, and closed off.

But now as if fresh air, flowing in and out, letting the stenches and dark fumes from trenches, that caused deep distresses and doubt…

I have now become more aware, nothing scares.

No, that is short of expression, nothing hurts, nothing surprises, nothing is too painful, I’ve endured a rainfall, I’ve walked through a rain-full.

I am humbled before time, we all must work with it, or through it. That is a fact.

No one is saved or exempt from the test of time.

I had the epiphany while thinking indifferently.

How will I use it, how will I utilize it?

How will I perceive it?

I choose to understand it, in entirety.

Becoming a master of time, is the true hallmark of existing in superiority.