Kevin and Sierra

I can not feel myself cry.

I only feel aches, left over bruises, poetic messages through the muses…

Insight from the depths, and deeper meaning behind the darknesses.

Intellectual matters, and artistic grasps left for me to feel alone.

I am prone, to feel this way, my emotions are too aware.

It is too much, too pure.

I am supremely grateful to you, Sierra and Kevin –

My true friends.

I hope that we never end.

I hope that we empower each-other wholeheartedly and strongest.

I want to be a man of influence,

I never want to be caught into the wind, dying in thin air.

So I value you two, this is sincere.

In some ways, I don’t have family…

I am a black sheep.

A while ago, my mentor said something that was entirely deep.

It brought me to the conclusion that we are all humanity…

He said that we can not pick our family, but we can choose our friends and make them our family.

That is my wish, that is my hope.

To be so connected, that we can only grow.

I am here for you irregardless, I want to be loyal to you two through thick and thin.

My mind is flooded, and running from newfound attention.

So you were right Kevin –

I am very blessed, and I can only go up.

I am just at a loss of expression, and felt that writing this would be my luck.

Thank you guys, I know it’s early.

But I love you two, and I am appreciative.