dandelions to share.

I have stories that I want to tell you, and new ideas that I wish to write about!

Triumphs. Demons. Battles.

Loneliness. Dying. Spirit. Will.

I have smiles to manifest –

Thoughts, and hurts, hopeful prayers that actually worked!

I have connection to feel with you.

Friendship, is a blessing.

I am not skilled in having them;

So each moment experienced will be a lesson…

I see happiness and joy, in the far stars…

I am too used to being alone, with conceptual ideas of different ways to exist.

Having you in my life, is plainly different, somewhat difficult to digest.

All my life I was lied to by a person too evil.

The more that I grow into the sequel, mature ages, and higher levels…

I see how cruel and mean, my stepfather was to me.

That is why I am super skilled in forgiveness.

In quickness, I am willing to give love in provisions…

We all deserve an opportunity to feel deserving of blessings.

I know places to explore, that seems ordinary to most, but extraordinary if you are happy to grow.

My soul is old, my personality is young.

I’m trapped in this flesh, but nevertheless, I enjoy being alive.

Trapped isn’t the correct term…

Because that implies that I do not enjoy life.

But I in fact do!

It’s just sometimes, life seems too blue…

Experiencing the lows.

The harsh blows.

To the nose, gut, and head.

When I felt better off dead, I just carryover the dread into passion, and plan to turn emotions into something everlasting, super, and magical.

And when days seem laughable, and when I feel lovable, and things do not seem or appear too logical.

I enjoy it…

Because soon, I will be in a different mode of living, a higher zone of living, and will become a different animal…

Closing off emotions, while pursuing something divine.

Closing off for periods of time, to claim what is truly mine.

So days when I am open, please embrace it and encourage me.

Because my heart was near black, and I felt under attack.

My soul was near death, I was willing to face it with courage and disregard for it all.

Nevertheless, here I am!

With friends and happiness, to help me stand tall!

I do not think I will ever fall, in some ways, I do not feel scarred.

Just far too strong for me to fully comprehend, but it helps to be reminded by you, every now and then…

Dedicated to Sierra