Dark energies want my soul, and wish to rip and tear my mind apart.

They want to tear, and crash my heart.

They want to cover my light, and turn me black.

They want to break me; make me feel as if I am under attack.

I am strong.

I’ve been wrong.

Demons, never allowed to overtake me though.

So I write these poems, essays, and notes as songs –

From heart and energized spirit,

I write and I write, no matter how long…

Because I only want to be my authentic self all of the time.

Facing what I face, and enjoying this life to the best of my ability.

Jumping, running, leaping with agility – over the things that harm my brain.




Trying to tear me apart.

But I am a mighty giant, I say that with imaginative and strong heart!

My weapons are sharp, the pen.

My armor, Jesus himself.

My skeleton, philosophy.

My mind, with the strength of Atlas, I write all of the evils with honesty.

There is no true policy, I adapt and adopt what truly befits me, what truly befits a king.

And I will keep going.

I will keep growing.

I will keep shining.

Like lightning, I fight with precise writing, passion, and blood gashing.