Sophia, inspiration…

Distancing away, to only become more.

Our first day, seemed far pure.

I have a mix of both, you’ve seen a lot of who I am.

But I wish for you to understand, I hope that you will hold my hand.

I miss you in fact, the last girl I kissed and held with passion and true emotions.

You’ve gained and felt all of me, and I miss you intensely.

With love intensifying and growing, I am excited to spend a summer and more days together.

The thought of you actually leads my creativity; I am starting to notice.

Your love is inspiring me to write ever potent.

There is so much I want to learn about you, but still so much I want you to learn from me.

I want to lead, guide and be your king.

But I will no longer say that, just know that.

So when we are together, the mode I am, is in fact a piece of me.

Enjoy that, and embrace that.

It is an authentic self, that you may not ever experience in fullness.

I know that sounds foolish, but the present is this…

Time is a continuous thing.

I am always evolving.

Enhancing and optimizing.

I look forward to more feelings exclusive to you.

I love you.