Letters to Claudia 6/30

Hey Claudia.

I miss you. I love you…

I am writing this to express. My heart felt heavy in my chest. The cool thing is this, I have a newfound level… It is high and noble.

I am afraid of the universe, but that’s what it starts in… is fear.

That is one of God’s main laws.

It provides me strength, for evil’s jaws.

I have a cause.

I am strong and have been through a lot.

I love everyone, I just want to see everyone happier.

More loving…

I am saddened I haven’t heard from you, and I am not struggling…

Just wondering, if you loved me so much, why did you let me go?

Yes, I am reminded, to focus on yourself.

But what about me, I still needed your help.

You left me, nevertheless, you left with encouraging words.

I’m just trying to wait patiently for the love I deserve.

My heart has moved on, I don’t think I will be pursuing it anymore.

It has to meet me, I am at a different and difficult level to navigate… It involves humanity.

I need someone to pair me with encouraging love, not so much dependency.

Rationalism and idealism causes discrepancy.

But I appreciated your call when demons were rummaging through my brain.

Suicidal thoughts, cries of storms.

Yours, a more deeper kind.

If you would have allowed me, my dear Claudia, I am capable of healing your mind.

I miss our time, I miss you and our feelings.

I miss you Claudia, so I write letters until then.