“Collateral damage…”

I am nauseous at the abuse my parents afflicted.

I am walking while rain whispers away, and I am saddened from all of the neglecting.

I am sick to my stomach, and I feel no tears, sounds, nothing.

Simply memories, that causes my heart to feel eruption.

I feel nauseated, and my stomach feels hollow.

I swallow.

I look to the sky.

I ask why.


I want to shout, why!

I feel nauseated at myself.

The times I wanted to ask for help, but I did not, because I thought that life was simply that. Hell.

I also, did not even know how.

His breath was fowl.

He reminded me of sinister creatures, taking every drop of my child-ness away.

And she reminded me of the same breed, just a little bit milder.

No nurturing, no love of any kind.

When you are 18, you are to leave my house!

With just your flesh, your mind is mine.

That is all I could see and feel, but was not wise or aware enough.

But when I turned 18, I did in fact leave.

On my terms, in my way, and in my day.