I think that you were a guardian angel.

Brought into my life, to talk me off of the cliff twice.

I love you.

Thank you…

Guardian angel, passionate about cooking and kindness.

I never met a woman so sweet and kind.

You helped me, and your kindness soothes me.

I miss you, truly.

I would not be here, if it were not for you.

I am sorry that I hurt you.

There was too much to handle, but you came into my life, and acted as a guardian angel.

I never got a chance to truly thank you.

The day I cried, in your arms, saddened, because of so much wrong with my brain.

Creativity was lacking, and my mind was encased.

I could not feel, and I felt as if I were a horrible disgrace.

You did all that you can, to try and uplift me – but me being in suffering so immense –

I’d wake up, in darkness.

Sleep for hours, after I’d awake…

Hiding, and trapped.

I did not hate life, I simply did not want to be in it anymore.

I was going to kill myself that night, there is no doubt.

But hearing your sweet voice, put emotions into me.

I couldn’t feel, but you helped me.

I would awake to pain so immense, I was numb.

And with being numb, I felt dumb.

I felt ignorant indeed…

My empathy, love, and sensitivity was encased.

Your loved laced…

I want to always remember our summer.

Perhaps, it was a good summer love story.

I miss you, and I am sorry.

I was not lost, no.

I was broken.

I was utterly broken…

You saved me, and now, I have strength to keep going.

Miles and years forward, and I will never forget the past.

That would not make sense.

I would not lose touch with it because that would be like a sin.

To forget the encouragement and love that you provided and showered me to grow vines within!

There was nothing more sweet, than our romance and love, Kay…