Darkness clouding my brain, but I am used to this.

I dance with the devil, because I’m used to him.

You took away my childhood, and shattered my brother.

I will slay you with my bare hands, and use your darkness as covers.

I want to snap your soul in halves, and crush it into the ocean.

Coping. I am coping. Coping. I am coping.

Darkness so red and black.

I want to drink you and feel aliveness.

Crying. Shedding. Growing. Lying.

No I am not happy.

I am simply wiser…

We use words so loosely, and I rather be contemplative than the weak link of happiness.

I want to march in mud, and wrestle with demons.

I want to cut the throat of gray.

I want to stretch the day, so the dark night can feel more like restful play.

My waking hours, I pray.

Because the devil preys…

And you can never overtake me.

Jesus, is my father, and he will never forsake me.