Meditations 1.

I am not afraid of the shadow. I embrace it and I turn it into a beautiful reality.

Every waking hour is a blessing. When I awake, I am rolling into my blessings. I am running, fast, as if a hamster on a hamster wheel. Coffee. Shower. Awake.

I am trying to catch up, but in reality, I am only running in place.

I am not running away from my darkest side and secrets.

I embody them, wear them, and show them.

Who will care to read and carefully analyze?

Otherwise, your judgements are not right.

The persona:

I am that. In fact, it is, to me, my truest side.

It is warrior like, king like, saint like, persistent, and courageous amongst darkness in all places.

Black sheep.

I do not see color.

I see an exterior condition, of a soul inside.

I walk all places.

I walk and my feet feels like steel.

I walked on fire, ice, water and the skies.

Darkness overrides when my spirit feels like mush.

Until it grows back stronger and ruthless.

It rains.

It rains in a storm.

And I write these mediations daily, every morning…

I see death and foulness ahead and behind me.

I brace myself and my soul.

I feel my heart working double.

Stitching up pain and trials.

I was dismissed, given up on, but I don’t hold that too personally.

I solely, see it for what it is, to do better to touch the soul more intricately, intensely and intelligently.

Wisdom [1]

Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.