Meditations 2.

I am multidimensional.

I am angelic.

I am not perfect.

I am perfectly imperfect.

I have scars and gashes in my heart.

I have rough and deep tears in my brain.

I have warlike history on my soul.

I am strong, and alive.

I am never in a state of worry.

I am in God’s best interest.

God cares about me.

He loves me.

He cares about me.

I am functioning.

I am healing.

I am able…

I am loved.

I am happy.

I am okay.

I am grateful, for my friends, family, people, life.

I am honest.

I am always honest.

I care.

I care about people.

I care about the world. I care about animals.

I care about plants, the Earth, the sky and the universe.

I care.

I am healthy.

I am sane.

I am focused.

I am loved.

I love philosophy.

I love learning.

I love ideas, I love everything.

I love track, football, sports of all kinds.

I love America.

I love my skin color.

I love my flesh.

I love my mom.

I love my stepfather.

I forgive my mom.

I forgive my stepfather.

I love Lyndsey.

I love Devon.

I love Amir, Khalil, Kinora, Faith.

I am okay.

I am blessed.

I am loved.

I am protected.

I am strong.

I am blessed.

I am strong.

I am blessed.

I love Maria.

I love Coach Litts.

I love Jay Kule.

I love Rosenberger.

I love everyone.

I simply love love.

No greater force.

I love Sophia.

I love Kylee.

I love Kaylee.

I love Jocelyn.

I love my grandmother.

I love my father.

I love.

I love poetry.

I love writing.

I love expression.

I love exploring.

I love sleep.

I love God.

I love imagination.

I love strategy.

I love thinking.

I love the universe.

I love perceptions.

I love mathematics.

I love technology.

I love growing.

I love improving.

I love optimizing.

I love influencing and inspiring.

I love positivity.

I love physics.

I love English.

I love knowledge.

I love everything.

I love everything you can think off, because it is Good.

Wisdom [2]

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.