“Thorny Roses…”

Anxiety and despair mixed.

My mind cut off, my heart is shut off.

Yet, I am still breathing, and I feel detached.

Not sure from what, I am just feeling sorry in all that is black.

Killing myself, rushing, fighting for how I can fix this imperfection, this color of disgrace.

I am lost in space.

I am lost in all that is wrong with color.

I am broken, and unfixable, only I can fix me, and I am just pitiful.

No man is an island, but I have cut myself off and I have stranded myself intentionally.

If I do not fix this, then my own mistake will be the end of me.

In hindsight, I knew I had it in me to fight for my strength.

I overcame the daemon, and now I am rewarded far too amazingly well!

I am rich, far rich than I could ever have dreamt of or imagined!

I know that I was damaged…

I know that I was zombie like and far too gone.

But I have fixed my wrongs, I have made myself whole.

I am happy to know, that my soul is worth gold.