I am bold because I am cold.

I am sensitive because it is comforting.

I am kind because it comes from a pure place.

My passion is a sure thing.

When I share it, I wear it.

Egoism, but never better.

I am equal because it is natural.

Together we can all face harsher weathers.

I am honest because I am true, I leave clues, read me brother.

We can grow, and unite.

We can force forces with light.

We can face darkness, and we fight…

Darkness within, darkness outside.

Our darkness is our pride.

Our love is our source.

Never coarse, only stronger.

We are team, you me and Sierra.

Our friendship, I am the center.

Trust me, believe in me, and see what I am teaching.

I am never preaching, I take delight in seeing your own strength.

But things are never what they seem, and I need you guys always.

We shall grow and even expand, the concept of love, not the concepts of man…