Letter to Coach Merli…

I miss you Merli, and I am sorry to have erupted in passionate distaste.

Misplaced anger, I over analyzed a good intentional man.

I was far in space, and I did not realize or give a damn…

I demanded something more, but little did I know, our relationship was greater than I could appreciate at the time.

My friend of mine.

Merli, I miss you.

I wish I could thank you, and I wish you could feel the immense sincerity, the immense security.

I wish you could see and feel, in full clarity.

The appreciation.

The honesty.

The love.

The need.

The lack.

The fight.

The trauma.

The peace.

The truth.

The unknown.

The black.

The white.

The light.

The balance.

The balance.

The balance.

Breathing is good, too good.

With each breath, I gain a higher insight – no longer on Earth.

My soul is being repaired, treated, cared for, loved more, kept beautiful and touched.

I am sorry for my words.

I am sorry for eruption.

I apologize for lack of tolerance, and lack of patience.

I thank you, my friend.

I love you, my friend.