Meditations 3.

My long term ambitious goals are to obtain my bachelors degree in Exercise Science.

Another long term goal is to obtain my masters degree in Philosophy.

I’d like to get my associates degree in nutrition, and I want to read a 1,000 books in my lifetime, and if I can do more, then I have exceeded all things.

Some days, I am yin-full.

Some days, I am Yang-full.

Both are sacred and simply magical.

The days and moments when I am whole.

It is a far amazing feeling.

I want to study books of all kinds, every kind.

It is possible…

I want to fly.

I want to learn alchemy.

I want to teach.

Everyday that I awake, I am waking up to heaven.

I do not want to take myself too seriously, it is like disrupting the harmony of my heaven.

If I had to narrow down to my favorite philosopher, he would be Fredrick Nietzche.

I have not fully read and understood him, but I genuinely enjoy and love reading his quotes.

His quotes and thoughts alone, are supremely profound and insightful.

If I had to narrow down my favorite author, he would be John Greene.

I loved his books growing up.

He is an amazing writer.

I love all of the stories he wrote.

It hit my core.

Inspired me.

And just touched my heart so intelligently and pure.

My favorite book is the Book Thief.

I will always love that book.

My favorite series of books, is either Divergent or a series of unfortunate events.

Love those books…

Wisdom [3] Life is really simple but men insist on making it complicated.