When I am at a writers block, I resort to love.

I write about love, because despite what society claims – it is much more than a drug.

I think that love is the source, nothing more pure or powerful.

Love is a philosophy.

I can write about it and never become bored or tired.

Although I lack creative force, I can write about this topic and have boundless discussion.

Love – why are you so beautiful?

You are too strong.

Whenever I feel a scent of you…

I shut off my rational part of my brain, and I become lost in something so powerful.

We all know it, we all have seen it, and we even have all felt it.

To a high degree, and to a low degree.

But love is always there, waiting, stalling to be inhaled like air.

Love is a metaphor for God.

Love is the ultimate mystery and key.

Love is simplistic, simplistically complex.

Love helped me to break walls, and move mountains.

I am forever grateful.

I am forever and honestly blessed for any love I received from a human being.

Further, I am supremely happy to see love in seasons.

In all degrees, love is still potently equal.

The same love felt from a naive child, is just as powerful as the love given to a flower needing care.

Love, you make my heart rumble.

You make my soul shake.

You clear my mind, when I am struggling to stay awake.

You enliven me, and potently energize my flow.

I hope that you keep your promise, to appear when I am broken, to always help me to grow.