If I were to die, and then fall into luxury.

It’s this.

I’ll never fall for a woman who perceives love as a drug or some sort.

That is the wrong perception.

Love is magic.

A beautiful feeling.

I paint my standard.

I’ll never find it in a bar or club.

I may find it in a bottle of vodka.

But I’ll never find it in the messiest of places.

I’ll find it when imagination meets imagination.

When starry eyes, meets lion heart.

I will find it when a galaxy opens itself into another unknown galaxy.

I will find it when emotions are vulnerable enough.

I will meet it when it is unexpected.

Unexpected in the very sense:

I’ll never know, but it will never be in the places that my generation seeks chains of freedom, no, never there. Not with this sort of mind, it is unlikely.

I will find it when the universe grants me it.