I don’t think I will ever be in a state of depression, ever again.

I understand that, that is a bold statement.

I am subject to darkness, however, I am not.

I say that, because I am fortified, and I grow fortified daily. Almost hourly.

I would not be surprised, if I am the purest human being of happiness and true contentment on American soil.

In fact, I probably am.

I will explain in later poetries, and one can see from the past ones as well, the growth of my soul and mental clarity and focus…

I am very appreciative, and grown, reborn, and stitched up from moments of immense pain!

I am reborn!

New form, a new human being!

In fact, so reborn, I am fortified, with such reward and strength, depression is not even a possibility.

I can not see it.

I truly cannot.

I am only fortified, and I say that with wisdom and clarity, not from a place of naivety, but clarity I say!

Oh, how great is the lord in this day…✝️