Meditations 5.

These days life is overwhelmingly good.

It is overwhelmingly simple.

But around me, it is overwhelming chaos.

People are overwhelmingly negative and overwhelmingly rude.

These days, I am overwhelmingly bored, but overwhelmingly inspired.

I feel as if you are not living through soul, you are actually not living at all – affecting the ones who actually do.

I am overwhelmingly alive, I don’t feel I belong on this plane, yet, I have work to do.

I am overwhelmingly good, overwhelmingly blessed.

I am overwhelmingly fortunate, and disinterested in trying to save the ones in illusions who insist that they are privileged and set.

In time you’ll see the mess you are in.

Hurts to hurt their bubble.

And I hope that they can swim.

Wisdom [5]

He who needs riches the least, enjoys riches the most.