Meditations 6.

I bare my soul.

Not for attention.

But because of the power it provides me.

What can hurt me?

None can.

I bare my soul, because who can insult me?

None can.

I beat you to it…

I am trying to go deeper, minimize and strategize.

There are truths that I have discovered, and still, some have not even came close to understanding the things I know.

This is no longer about competition, or who knows more or who haves more.

It is now, about lack, and how much people lack understanding.

Of themselves, of the world, of life, of humanity, of everything.

Many are robotically stuck.

Lacking autonomy.

Lacking empathy.

Lacking love.

Lacking knowledge.

You lack in imagination.

It worries me, saddens me, but encourages me.

To wake men and women up.

You have power that you have been denied.

You have strength that you’ve misplaced.

Misplaced into parties, drugs, material possession, others.

I am not preaching, because so have I.

I’ve turned it on its back, because those things are not inherently evil.

There is truly one evil, and that is ignorance, there is one good, and that is knowledge.

This system that we are in.

Break it.

We can rise and win together.

This may sound crazy, even absurd – but the truly absurd thing is this, God gave us each a spark, and it is frightening when that spark is dimmed to a point of nothingness.

We are all in college and utilize social media, adults use social media, and we barely even use it for good.

All we do is flex, and brag.

It is really so obsolete.

But worse, kids and young teenagers, younger than us…

Suicide rates are going up, depression, all of these things.

We need to do better, truly.

Take the torch. And pass it… we all have strength.

Wisdom [6]

True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.