Divine Woman

You are magic.

You create.

My task is not to empower you, but to encourage you to find your power and strength to then empower other women.

The most that I can do, is simply to encourage because I do not have the powers that you have.

How can I empower someone when I do not have the powers to begin with.

I do not have the inclination to nurture, but to destroy and seek power external.

I love you, and truly honor all women.

You are beautiful, courageous and strong.

My inclination is to find my Queen.

I am not responsible for building Queens.

Unless, I were to have a daughter, some day.

But in that day, I admit that I will have another mighty task at hand with my unknown wife.

But I digress.

Do you see, the complexity?

Be strong. Find your role models, and carry on.