Unusual romance

I write this in honor of your willingness to stick around.

I write this in respect of how I did not taint or tarnish our levels…

I was quick to gash our connection, but I dashed with reflection.

I thought; how do I ever expect to be heard, if I am apt to disregard the absurd.

I carefully followed my words, and went back into the rivers.

Shivers, of being alone.

I leapt out and went back into her home.

You are beyond sexy and beautiful.

Beyond majestic and useful.

I release and then I express.

I enjoy while you undress.

I am an utter mess, but when we are together, we are forever.

In the moments time, it is only for hours –

Within our infinity, poetically understood.

Our connections superseded all things humanly.

I am born alone and I will die alone.

There is no security in this life.

So I am growing comfortable with discomfort –

I say, I am growing in comfort in this discomforting romance, I say.