I feel power, from you.

I feel disoriented and disorganized.

To my surprise, the woman I have liked all of this time – feels me as worthy.

I will write the most potent poetry, for you.

I will become greatness for us.

I will become larger for you.

I will show you heights unseen.

For you to believe in me.

Is a far great thing.

My poetry will expand, and I will give you the best of me as your man.

We shall move slowly, this is true.

We shall move steadily and not forcefully, this is true.

But you follow my lead, I will clear down the trees.

Be beside me or behind, I will love as I lead.

We shall navigate through terrain, imagination will clear rains.

Love is powerful, that is my purpose.

To prove to society, that love is still worth it.

You are divine this is truth.

A Queen of mine, I’ll always pursue.

I love your eyes, you are bronze.

I see the signs, and you are one of them.

I feel all of the time, to a large degree.

This is divine.

This is divine.

I am very high, above stars in the crest behind moons.

But as we grow, so shall our souls…