Meditations 9.

I am no longer amongst the mortals, I am amongst the Gods.

My soul, is truly –

My philosophy is unruly.

I am no longer at rest, my mind continues to conjure…

Even at rest, I am continually solving tests.

I have the sun on my chest, the world on my back, the moon on my neck.

The solar system is wrapped around my wrists.

The galaxies pull at my torso, and the stars are braced around my ankles…

I see through their angles.

I am surrounded by angels, and spirited by piece healers.

I desire bloodshed, yet, I am fair in my dealing, listening to the wisest of spirits.

I have love that is caring.

Still, I have rage that wants to set fire to the cities.

Still, I have blood that desires to be spilled.

But I am noble.

Respect shall be given.

God, forgive me for iniquities.


A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.