I did not mean to sophisticate what is very simple.


The word, the vastness, and immensity behind this phenom, is profound.

We know very little about this humanly sophisticated mechanism.

To be emotional, is a step further…

What makes someone else, who is emotional, different from the unemotional and distant, human being.


What is it that a human being that is emotional, overtly emotional, and reactive that makes them so?

I remember being in a state of despair.

It was indescribable and interesting.

I felt, but did not feel…

I was freshly out of a system, that made me feel as if I was literally dying.

Inside, my heart, organs, and functioning was passing away.

I escaped and fought through the cage, with the little strength that I had.

I made it last, and now I am here.

Piecing puzzles on top of a table.

They were close to being completed on the floor, and I would have completed it formally by now, but I am content to have made it to this stage of working on a higher ground.