Fighting demons you know nothing about.

Not chasing clout, nor the money… I just need love like it’s running out.

Too much fake, too much hate, I feel like running south.

But evils there, I know it’s there, still discrimination.

I fight my demons, and some more…

This is maturation.

Fighting temptation, women post and I lust, I just needed love.

I close my eyes, pray to what’s above.

And he sends a dove.

Messenger, like I’m kicking it with God himself.

They say it’s a God complex, but you know nothing of what I am about…

Where I’ve been, what I seen, who I’ve met nor what I felt.

I remember being beaten with a belt.

Progressed to metal, and then Psychological.

That’s a lot for a genius…

God was with me as I was going crazy.

Multiple times over.

My stepfather still got heart, he called me his soldier.

He taught me about loyalty,

Partial fruit, I learned much more alone.

But even still, you my nigga that was a home.

Miss you step pops, when push come to shove.

I ask for a dove.

I pray for a dove.

Picking up the devils handbook, When I was 12, the Willy Lynch Theory.

Looked at my blood mother and stepfather, differently…

God has his hand on me.

I trust you, but mommy you just don’t see.

We still enslaved.

I just continue fighting I have to be brave.

I found a way. I found a way.

I found a way. I found a way.

Express my story, the devil shall die a clever, slow death.

Drugs of all kinds, the world is on drugs…

War on consciousness, I just needed a hug.

I just wanted sincerity, sincerely…

Now I express and tell.

Share and tell.

No structure, white America, this ain’t a game.

I beat the devil, and I overcame and still overcome him…

I improve and become better.

Thank you to my supporters, thank you to all believers, and thank you for your kindness.

These written works, are protected by a holy force.

I cannot be lying, this is real.

This is heart, just count me in, watch how I play my part.