My heart is torn, and I feel scorn.

But I’m told to pray, and wish love for the opposition.

We can all win, this isn’t competition!

Black white yellow and it’s all Obsolete.

What is your soul made of?

Last night I stayed up, wishing I could see my sister and my familia.

My heart is ripped up, and I teared up, I don’t share enough…

I just simply write about the love I need.

I got demons in my perception, that makes it hard to see.

High expectations, placed on everything I touch.

Heavens. Hell.

I chose Heaven, and it still feels like I need help.

No one around, it’s lonely at the top.

I read more books, and I see higher than the average being.

I’m teething, trying to awake souls up.

But it can’t be told but realized.

Leaving me alone, on this mountain with an ideal as my only home;

My sanctuary, and God as my only truest friend.

He gets me, understanding me, until the very end…