I realize when I awake, the phenomena.

Everyday, from the first opening that my eyes take…

I see – the beauty of life.

I feel fear, far from despair.

But acknowledgement of the breadth of the Universe.

God, how does he truly work?

I was walking yesterday.

I realized how selfish we are as human beings…

Do we not realize that we are not the sole product or creation?

That so are the trees?

I saw the length of the branches, and the marvel of its height.

I felt empathy and was inclined to store it into my memory;

Later to use it as an aesthetic, for this current poetry.

Perhaps the Earth is dying and we are the sole blame.

We don’t care, and it’s a real shame.

I feel weight in my heart.

Because I feel powerless, yet, powerful.

I feel the strength of my purpose and all that I actually do.

I am an athlete and writer, but I am no scientist or environmentalist.

I feel like crying to death.

The passion that I carry.

I am stabbed in my heart, and I will take that pain if it ever would remain that I saved this planet.

Romanticism at its purest, I am just wishing for the cure of this.

Pain, misery, destruction, depression, death.

I am, and will do my best, to play my part.

Hopefully we can work together, redefine what it means.

To win, as a team, of humanity.