Stars in Heaven

I want to go to a far place, the star, that I chase, is outside of our grasp.

It is outer space.

If we can just imagine and talk, dream and make constellations…

I am sure that we can draw the bridge of separation.

This star that I chase is a possibility, the only natural law there is.

I am fighting dark shadows, pulling at my soul.

I fight for love simultaneously with the reach for understanding.

Planning, disrupting and pushing humanity forward.

A weight on my shoulders.

I need the burden to be heavier, what sense is that?

I am ubermensch, I survive by self overcoming.

My soul is humming, love is coming…

she shall see all that resides in me.

Connection, attraction.

Love, I know it too well.

I know what it is.

The feeling, I grasp it.